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    遠景: 成為國內乃至國際的設計服務公司

    Our Vision: to become one of the best design companies in both domestic and international market, providing our clients with the best and most professional service.


    Core Value:Excelsior is foundation, Wisdom is beam, Quality is pillar.


    Company Spirit: Build glory life,Be innovative,Be hardworking, Continue to beyond and continue to self-challenge.

    質量方針: 以細節打造精品, 以管理爭創品質, 以追求贏得認可.

    Quality policy: Creating from fine details , Winning top - grade from management, Gainingacceptance from insistent pursuance.


    Design Concept:Design is premised on a project’s main characteristic at its core, supported by complete and advanced technology, to increase value that surpass the project’s original function. We always consider the clients’ needs, be people-oriented, and promotes the value of our client, society, and even the environment.

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